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I Was Expecting This...

New for 2019 - Desert Skiff - The Vintage Collection

Rumors proved true at this year's New York Toy Fair. We are finally getting a new skiff! For those who remember being in the late '80s, Kenner created this awesome vehicle on their last attempt to breathe life into the dying product line. Not many were made and were even hard to find back then. Today they sell in a package well over 1000 bucks! It has been reissued and of course much affordable. However the detail and paint of the New Jabbas Sail Barge, we need something more refined. Well, Hasbro created what looks like a beautiful compliment! The Vintage Collection is looking great this year, as Jabbas Sail Barge has heavily influenced new product and I just love it! As details emerge about this and much other new Vintage goodness, I'll be sure to post!

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