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New 2D Animated Star Wars Show

As of late, my attention to Star Wars has been somewhat barren. Not sure if it was my disappointment with the Last Jedi or other things that have simply captured my attention. The force was renewed after watching the newly released trailer: Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures".

The first thing that has stood out is the art direction. No words to describe how gorgeous this looks! Why oh why can't this be done more! Traditional styled 2D art with some 3D elements, done right, is simply beautiful! The second thing that got me excited was many of the stories are based from the original trilogy! Now, this is geared to much younger audiences as its home base will be on which debuts this Saturday, November 30th. Hopefully, that won't ruin the experience for older viewers, I'll keep optimistic!

The first of many series to come will be in December with regular releases folling in 2019. Check out the trailer below. What do you think? A winner? Well, let's wait and see!

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