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Hot Off the Pegs! -Today's Random Pick Up

I'm back! And I wouldn't have imagined that a couple of Walmart exclusives were what would get me fired up to get posting again! Well, they did, so let's get right into it!

A few months back, Hasbro had announced that it would be releasing reissues of various G1 Transformers. Well with Canada getting the first shipments, it looks like we here in the US are seeing these hit Walmart shelves. I had no trouble finding mine, but it is obvious that Starscream is the hot item from the group. This will be a quick rundown with photos and some thoughts on the overall package.

Since these are official reissues from Hasbro I would expect nothing but the highest of quality. With questionable knockoffs that have been reproduced off and on throughout the last decade, some wondered if Hasbro would ever step up to the plate and give grown-ups what they want. High quality, officially licensed reissues that closely represent the G1 originals. Looks like they are listening and on first impressions, they have done an outstanding job! Other than the lack of rounded corners on the box and some minor image changes, these look simply beautiful. The box art is as vibrant and sharp as I remember, perhaps even better. A noticeable difference in the packaging is the plastic carrier. Gone is the bubble attached to the card. I appreciate this update as the figures can easily be put back in their box for storage/display.

First, let's look at Starscream. Now I don't have an original to compare him to, so I'll solely be going by memory. Keep in mind Hasbro has reissued these before and I can't imagine that quality would all of a sudden suffer.

On my observation, everything looks in place even down to the rubber nose cone. Diecast metal, as well as the separate sticker sheet all, look just as they did those many years ago. A neat new addition, is the included Megatron handgun, a bit of a gimmick but still a nice touch of what could have been. Once decals have been applied Starscream looks the part and has all the nostalgic magic that is immediately rekindled from the box down to the actual toy.

On to Hot Rod. Hot Rod has never been a favorite of mine. Not for any particular reason, perhaps its due to not owning him as a kid or maybe because, in my mind, he was created to replace Optimus. Either way, I'll take what I can get from this series of retro remakes! Visually he is very appealing and I think I appreciate this bot more now in my older years. He displays great and comes with two blasters as accessories. The photos speak for themselves!

These are just 2 of many reissues that have hit the shelves of Walmart. Here is the list of what you can expect through December 2018.

• Starscream

• Hot Rod

• Devastator

• Bumblebee (Minibot)

• Outback (Minibot)

• Tailgate (Minibot)

• Swerve (Minibot)

These awesome reissues give all of us 80's kids a second chance at reliving some great memories without breaking the bank! Thanks, Hasbro and Walmart for making these available and keeping them as close to the originals as possible!

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