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I Never Grew Up, Thanks For the Memories!

As the minutes pass by, we get ever closer to the sad reality, that Americas favorite toy store may soon be just another retail chain caught in the crosshairs of financial failure. With the bankruptcy filing in 2017 and then the hand-picked store closures, it looks as if nothing can stop this inevitable outcome. For those who haven't gotten a copy of RetroFused Issue #2, the editorial entitled, "The death of brick and mortar," covers some of the unfortunate truths, of why so many of these once established chains, just can't seem to survive.

Its true, misery loves company. Just browse through Instagram and read the countless blogs and it's no surprise that so many are all sharing their memories of how Toys"R"Us shaped their childhoods. This historical chapter in retail annals, will no doubt shake the foundation of children and grown-ups around the world.

This article won't be about the history of the age-old retail giant, but more about a personal tribute. There isn't a kid that living this decade or earlier generations, that didn't want any more than to stay in that toy utopia tailored just for them! Whether it was for a party celebration, good grades, or simply because it was a family day out after a day at the park, we all can look back and say, "Thanks for the warm memories."

With that, I can say I'm glad I was born when I was, always to have a magical place to visit throughout my life. And I am also grateful for my daughter, now nine, to have at least experienced what mom and dad did when we were her age. Perhaps somehow, somewhere Geoffrey the toy mascot will live on, but looking at the pattern of such past retail giants, it seems its only a matter of time before the lights go out.

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