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Hasbro Wants To Hear from You Star Wars Collecters!

Most are already aware that Hasbro is bringing back The Star Wars Vintage Collection for 2018. Today, Steve Evans, Design Director for Star Wars at Hasbro, has announced a new forum via Instagram, where we the collectors can chime in on what we think the next gem for the line, should be produced! Just Follow "Hasbropulse" and wait for the weekly question or topic and simply explain your thoughts in the comment section of the feed. That's it! Each week, some of these ideas will get forwarded to the development team for possible consideration.

What would I love to see?

1. I would love to have a Vintage style carfd back with "Collect all XXX," on the back of the card rather than the history of the figure and photos of previous releases. Showing a checklist like the original cards backs, bring back that nostalgic anticipation as to what you still what to get.

2. Bring back the 1985 of the Power of the Force line with coins. Perhaps a mini-series within the vintage line.

3. More Playsets! Hasbro, the vehicles are great, but let's see some more playsets! The upcoming crowd-funded Jabbas Sail Barge is a start, but there are so many other playsets that can be developed without the crowd-funded type budget!

The "Vintage conversation" at Instagram, is an excellent move by Hasbro as many of the Vintage Collectors are very loyal to the line, so to have a voice in such an influential project is a fantastic opportunity to get things the fans have always wanted!

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