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Now Pre-ordering New 6" Die-cast Iron Giant Figure

To this day, The Iron Giant stands to be one of my top all-time animated films. And even though it never broke any records, most, typically agree it was indeed a great classic. When it comes to the fans, however, finding collectibles for this elusive franchise is somewhat infrequent. What was produced, mostly on its release, is either hard to find or highly expensive.

The team over at 1000toys has given this franchise an incredible treat! Displayed at this years 2018 New York Toy Show, a 6" tall, fully articulated Iron Giant figurine! This poseable figure shows fantastic, and unlike some previous reproductions of this mechanized machine, this one has diecast parts. The Iron Giant also comes equipped with x2 handsets, x2 heads, and exchangeable teeth. They also through in his signature superman "S" plaque.

Looking at the photos and you cant help to be captivated by the articulation possibilities! I just wish it were a bit larger. Otherwise, its $120 MSRP seems pretty reasonable.

Pre-orders from retailers began on Feb 19, 2018 with the product scheduled for an August release.

Pre-Orders will be handled by select retailers.

Check out 1000toys website for further info and dimensions!


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