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X-Men Statues Circa '92 Fox Kids Style!

If you grew up with Fox Kids, then certainly you remember the X-Men cartoon series! For some reason this brief yet impressionable animated cartoon typically is overlooked or forgotten. But let's be honest, this Saturday morning hit gave many of us our first taste into the world of Marvel. Well, it's nice to see that the folks over at Kotobukiya have not forgotten this nostalgic series and to prove that, they have announced a complete statue line fittingly titled X-men '92!

Preorders are open for the first wave which will be a 2-pack. Wolverine and Jubilee, then followed by the rest of the team.

At New York Toy Fair, the Kotobikuya showed off Beast and Cyclops and had stated that this line would have much more characters added in the coming months!

I'm very excited for this, as I have never seen this segment of the Marvel Universe given such fanfare! We will keep you posted on its development. Be sure to check back as we will be getting our hands on these!

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