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Hot Off the Pegs! -Today's Random Pick Up

Well, many of you know I posted an article last week about how fun collecting the new Transformers Titan Return line. If you haven't read that, go check it out.

The Power of the Primes is the latest Transformers toy line that offers updated options for G1 classic Transformers fans, and I have two excellent additions to share. Upon visiting my local Toys "R" Us, (which by the way was not on the recent shutdown list,) I found the 1st wave of the Dinobots, Slag, and Swoop. Woohoo! So let's not waste any time and check out these anticipated figures!

The Dinobots have always been some of the most sought-after Transformers in the G1 line. Even as a kid they were quite popular, and dare I say, even more popular than Optimus Prime himself. Through the last few decades, we were never given a proper remake of these prehistoric bots until now. The first wave of the Power of the Primes collection debuts Slug (aka Slag) and Swoop. These updated counterparts look the part and display amazing!

I had to compare my original G1s to these retro remakes. I have to say I'm quite pleased with the finished product. With a few acceptions, these are worthy of the display case!

Slug offers a genuine G1 appearance. The color scheme is on point. One thing I would have loved to see done differently is the chrome paint. The gloss gold and chrome treatment on the G1 figs gives a more premium look. I am happy, however, that Hasbro did maintain the translucent plastic in the various parts of the Dinobots. Not entirely as "see-through", but still carries the G1 essence nicely.

Looking at Swoop, and he by far is an improvement from the original. He fits closer to the cartoon and of course like Slug, has an incredible robot mode with great articulation! As I mentioned earlier, it would be great to see chrome wings on Swoop! I'm sure some daring fan out there will paint to match. Of course, he is equipped with his traditional sword painted in red.

The next wave will bring Sludge and Snarl which I will be on the hunt for. Grimlock has been released under the Voyager Class and will also be on the hunt for him as well. Once you get all 5, you will be able to combine them to form Volcanicus, a neat feature that would have been cool to see with the originals.

By far, these have been what I've been waiting for! I love my originals, and they will always hold a special place, but these new remakes are closer in line with the cartoon, offer better posing and overall look fantastic! If you're a Dinobot fan, these are a must!

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