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Retro Reader - Toys That Time Forgot

Think you can name most major toy lines from the 80's? Think again! The book, The Toys That Time Forgot, will surely test your historical toy knowledge, by showcasing action figures and accessories that never saw the light of day.

Written by Blake Wright, the mastermind of Little Plastic Men epub, and forwarded by Mr. Toy Hunter himself, Jordan Hembrough, The Toys That Time Forgot is overwhelmingly dense with exclusive content, photos, and drawings from toy company archives. Blake brilliantly delivers a well-crafted narration of various failed and or forgotten toy franchises through several decades. Through drama and mystery, ex-employees of these different toy companies, help breath life into why some toy lines made it, and why others didn't.

I just got my copy and am devouring the in-depth erudition and am finding surprises on almost every page! My favorite chapter is none other than Star Wars! Yes, this publication covers one of the most loved yet underrated toy lines by Kenner, The Ewoks, and Droid toy lines!

I've had the honor to speak with Blake briefly, and it's clear his passion for retro toys shows through the pages of this incredible book. The Toys That Time Forgot was a successfully funded Kickstarter and was initially available to Kickstarter supporters, but there is a limited supply of remaining stock, so get it while it lasts!

We at RetroFused fully support this project and so should you! Thanks Blake for such a beautiful addition to our childhood history and look forward to hopefully more future editions!

Visit The Toys That Time Forgot Facebook Page on availability!



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