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Retro Review - Lego #4005 Tug Boat

Growing up, I wasn't a "Lego Maniac," however I certainly had fond memories of these connecting blocks of fun. Did you go through a Lego phase? Can you remember your first set? Today I have something special, at least for me. Lego Tug Boat #4005, circa '83. This was my first Lego kit, so yes it is indeed special to me. During our summer break visit with Grandma, at the age of six, it was my cousin who convinced me to use my only gift from Grandma, not on an action figure, but on a Lego set. I say "convinced," since Legos were not intuitively my thing. In the toy store, I was the kid who would run pass them and head straight for the action figures. Anyway, thanks to my Lego-loving cousin, that habit was abruptly broken. With his persistence and his considerable size along with intimation, I recall not having any other options.

But it worked out since I did find something I genuinely liked. Like today, Lego offered all types of genres for kids. I was attracted to the city life, more specifically, "boats." I loved boats as a kid! So upon catching an eye of the real world photography on the packaging, was a hook in the mouth for me. Seeing the actual toy in real water with ripples, waves and wakes, only spurred my imagination!

Let's take a closer look at this classic Lego kit and point out some of its well thought out features! Legos Tug Boat is one of the smaller kits that were available at the time and measures just nine inches from bow to stern. There are roughly 60 pieces, and putting it together was a breeze, then and now. Some of the more notable features were the operating tow hook. With string tied to a hook, this hook can be pulled in by turning the spinning thumb gear. Another bonus and probably one of the leading reason I was drawn to this lego set, was the ability to float in water. This boat comes with an extra counterweight that is attached to the bottom giving it the ability to remain centered in the water. This was great for bath time and other than the stickers than began peeling after some time it held up nicely.

Looking at the box, it's clear that other design possibilities are possible. I mean, I think all of us deviated from Legos original intentions... that's just part of the fun, creating your personal creations. I, however, stuck with the intended design, and I must say it looks fantastic. They even thought about easy access to the cockpit by devising a lift top hinge, making it easier to remove the captain.

Wrapping up, this is one of my favs of the classic Legos from back in the day. Since being re-introduced to these old school Legos, I'm now on the hunt for some of the other boats from the same circa. Thanks cousin for the "guided" suggestion.

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