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Hot Off the Pegs! -Today's Random Pick Up

Looking for some fun figures that have limitless display options? I found these two delightful pieces in the "Vector Collector" section of Toys"R"Us last week and boy was I surprizing delighted! First off, if you don't know, SHFiguarts make arguably the most articulated, mass-produced action figures, in the world. Options don't stop there as face, and hand swappable sculpts are typically included with their sets. This review has us taking a look at their new 30th Anniversary Street Fighter V series figures. Labeled No. 1 and No. 2, Ryu and Chun-Li look to be the start of a slew of Street Fighter characters from the fifth generation game.

The packaging is excellent as it shows an apparent design continuity for collectors and can be reused to store figures. Removing them from the injected molded plastic is easy, no wire twisties here! The quality of these figures is just amazing. They have a heaviness about them that gives a premium feel. The paint is also very clean and sharp as the eyes and even teeth are all incredibly detailed. Both figures come with a cardboard backdrop taken from the video game as well as clear acrylic stands. Chun-Li's stand supports her flash kick position, and Ryu's stand supports his fireball. You have various facial and hand expressions that easily can be swapped or popped to give your character a whole new batch of varying positions. Ryu includes two sets of hands, and three facial expressions, and Chun-Li contains three sets of hands, and three facial expressions.

Now with that aside let's get to what makes these figures really special, and that, of course, is their ability to be posed in some of the most iconic positions remembered. It wasn't hard to form these figures to some of the classic arcade poses as they have an incredible pivoting range in just about every joint!

These by far have been my most enjoyable figures to review for this year of 2017, and it will not be my last. If you're limited to space, these characters are perfect, as they give you the option to re-display over and over again in numerous positions. Your creativity is the limit. I'll be picking up the rest of these marvelous figures, hoping to get the classic figs as well. Blanka, E. Honda, and Sagat look to be missing from Street Fighter V, but I hope they too will be released for all us old school Street Fighter II fans! A definite worthwhile purchase and on by far one of the most fun.

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