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Hot Off the Pegs! -Today's Random Pick Up

The Star Wars Black Series, as many of us know, has been around for quite awhile. With a heftier price tag, Hasbro wanted these gems to not only look the part but include multi-points of articulation giving them the incredible ability to pose them in more precise positions! Due to their much larger size, many wondered would vehicles ever be produced? In 2015 Hasbro released the mind-blowing, massive 6-inch scale, Tie Fighter, which immediately dispelled that notion. Fast forward to 2017, and we're going to get a close look at one of Hasbro's newest Black Series vehicle releases, the X-34 Landspeeder!

Originally released as a 2017 SDCC exclusive, Luke Skywalker's Landspeeder is well accessorized with storage compartments, opening hood, and a removable display stand. That's not all, as Luke Skywalker is also included with a sunhat, binoculars, rifle, poncho, and Lightsaber! Whew, Hasbro indeed added in a lot here and everything looks great.

Right out of the box, Luke, in his Tatooine Poncho and utility belt, has very nice paint, real cloth top, and Poncho. This figure looks like the same Luke mold we got in the previous 40th Anniversary edition earlier this year, which I wasn't too crazy about since the resemblance to actor Mark Hamil seemed off. No matter, you have what you would expect from the series, excellent articulation, and outstanding detail. I love the authentic cloth Poncho, but it seems to obstruct his arm in various poses. His sun hat fits without issues but can easily fall off when moving him around. One cool hallmark I found appealing was the ability for Luke to hold the binoculars with both hands! This alone makes posing so much fun!

You would think that forming his hands to fit the slightly large binoculars, other accessories, like the lightsaber, would have difficulty staying in his hand. This is further from the truth as holding the lightsaber is no issue at all! The lightsaber itself has a removable blade leaving just the holster, which then can be attached to Luke's utility belt, very nice!

Now let's look at what you really want this for, and that of course, would be the Landspeeder! The X-34 shows beautiful and comes with a clear plastic removable stand. The speeder itself has some very nice features, some of which are very subtle. Looking at the paint and you are treated with very good weathering and molded imperfections. The dent at the nose is a great touch as well as the right engine which is missing a panel and exposes cables/wires etc. The front engine bay can be viewed by lifting the hood showing the highly detailed propulsion system. Two compartments located at the rear offer further options for play or display. The right side is storage and may be used to store Luke's hat, binoculars, or even his folded poncho. The left compartment reveals further engine parts. There is a clip that holds the abnormally long rifle and a removable fluid cap at the hood.

Yes, this is a beautiful piece that will display superbly but is it worth the price tag? Well at $59.99, I guess that all depends on how much you like the Landspeeder. This iconic vehicle certainly has nostalgia written all over it, and although Luke's face isn't the best when it comes to a good resemblance, I would say the Landspeeder by itself is well worth the purchase.

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