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RetroFused Issue #2

RetroFused Issue # 2 is now available. Packed with retro content, you can be sure to find something to feed your nostalgic appetite.

We realize that the MagCloud print edition price is a bit steep due to it being a print on demand service. We are taking steps to find alternative options at making it much more reasonably priced. We feel that a hardcopy that can be read the old-fashioned way, is the best experience. In the meantime, your support by picking up the digital edition goes a long way!

Creating this periodical is a hobby, but obviously, it takes much time to write, illustrate, and format a 72-page publication. Keep checking back as we will be finding ways to expand not only the magazine but also its availability through outlets such as Patreon.

And finally, thank you to all who have picked up a copy digital or print. Your contribution is extremely appreciated!!

- Nick J

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