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Hot Off the Pegs! -Today's Random Pick Up

Predator, the original Sci-Fi thriller that started a massive universe and huge fan base, is celebrating its 30 year anniversary! Neca has commemorated this cult classic with some various action figures exclusive to this release. There are eight figures available of which one, appropriately titled "Dutch Briefing," sports Arnold in his red polo. How can we forget the scene, in which many regard as the worlds greatest handshake with co-star Carl Weathers. "Dutch Briefing" figure, was an exclusive at the 2017 SDCC and as much as I would love to be reviewing that one, I just didn't get my hands on it... yet.

Today, however, I have the next best thing. "Jungle Hunter Unmasked" Predator. I realize this isn't the first release of this remarkable creature. Neca has been pumping these out for quite some time. However, this figure does have some small exclusive features that discriminating collectors may appreciate.

First the packaging. It's beautiful, what more can I say. The slightly embossed logo with its red foil captures the light, giving a reflective sheen. Everything is neat and tidy and removing the figure posed no problems. If you wanted to return him to the packaging, that would not be an issue.

Hands down, this is a gorgeous figure! Now as mentioned Neca has released this particular character before and the differences, while small are indeed changes. This release does have the open mouth to highlight that battle roar right before his match up with Arnold. The previous iterations had Predators mouth closed. Not a significant change, yet a dramatic one.

Included is his removable shoulder cannon, a swappable closed left hand, and a skull/spine. Details that I appreciate are the opening arm detonator computer. You can easily read the alien hieroglyphs within the display! Over 30 points of articulation, which is incredible when considering the bulk of this character. With armor, dreadlocks and thick proportions, he can be posed in some pretty cool positions.

All in all, this is a great figure worthy for any sci-fi fan. I now want to get my hands on the others from this commemorative line, great job Neca!

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