Hot Off the Pegs! -Today's Random Pick Up

Hey guys its been a bit quiet but there is MUCH going on in the world of RetroFused, I'll fill you in later. Anyhow, I took a trip to the local Toys"R"Us and looky what I found! Wave 2 of Hasbro's 40th Vintage 6 inch line looks to be hitting shelves! Slow down Hasbro, I still haven't finished Wave 1! No doubles and it looked as if they had just put them out. I had a hard time deciding which to get, as i couldn't get them all. The Tusken Raider would have been purchased but he was crushed, the others were Death Squad Commander and C-3P0. I grabbed the 2 that I liked, Chewy & the Jawa, and left the rest of the wave to the next guy. I haven't been to Target or Walmart yet but word on the street is they too are receiving wave 2. Of course the crown jewel would be GameStops R5-D4 exclusive! Happy hunting!





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