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Hot Off the Pegs! -Today's Random Pick Up

Arcade fighters were at their peak in mid 90's, and we all know the usual top players that reigned in the big bucks. Capcom with Street Fighter II, SNK brought Samurai Showdown/King of Fighters Series and Midway with Mortal Kombat. These kings were pillars in the arcade until a new contender showed up. In 1994, Killer Instinct produced by Rare and Licensed by Nintendo was the game that turned the heat up in the fighter world.

Killer Instinct no doubt deserves a seat at the table of top arcade fighters! Its great gameplay, massive combos, and groundbreaking visuals are just several reasons this game still has a following today.

In 2013 KI with its Co-creator Ken Lobb brought this game back with all new 3-D, 60fps 1080p look, and feel. In 2016, Iron Galaxy Studios took the helm and produced an updated version for Windows 10 PCs.

A new cast of characters are now available, but the classic players are all there with their memorable sounds and weapons. With today's figure find, it looks like Microsoft Studios looks to cash in on this classic franchise by producing highly detailed poseable figures.

I picked up Fulgore at Toys"R"Us. This figure stands approximately 6 inches in height and includes a platform, two uniquely styled wrist blades, and an interchangeable helmet. Upon opening the box, you are greeted with a glossy card that instructs you to redeem an online code to receive an exclusive unlockable in-game color version of Fulgore. Well, I don't own the game, so let's pull that to the side.

After easliy removing him from the plastic shell he is protected in, you are immediatly struck by the detail this figure truly shows, as the box art and photos give no justice! This design is apparently based off the 2016 game, but I have to say the overall appearance does not stray too far from original 90's arcade character. Fulgore is made of a hard plastic and carries a ton of detail. Articulation is pretty typical. Waist and ball joints at the hips and shoulders. No articulation in the wrists or forearm. His arms are pretty much stuck in the bicep curl position. His head is on a ball joint but due to the mask cables that movement is not worth mentioning. No ankle or knee pivot either.

So as far as articulation goes, I was hoping for a bit more. What Fulgore does do well is display awesome! The included weathered platform is beautifully detailed and has foot pegs to hold Fulgore in place. The blade wrist option is excellent as you can pick the standard metal blades or opt for the translucent blue ones, which I think suit him better.

Other characters are slowly being released, and I feel that at least with Fulgore, the quality is on point! A keeper for me, and I think Sabrewulf is on my next to get list!

More pics below!

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