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Star Wars Vintage Collection Returns!

Hasbro left us wondering whether or not this toy collection would ever resurface. Well, we are super excited to know that Hasbro's Vintage Collection Returns for early 2018! Being a fan of the originals, this is the one toy line I have consistently collected and could honestly say it was complete, or so I thought. Now that it looks like this line is again resurfacing, I'll have to get more space to accommodate this next group of figures and vehicles. At Hasbro's Star Wars Celebration Orlando Panel, there was a teaser plus a peek at the first character that will be released at this iconic toy line.

For those unfamiliar with the Vintage collection, these highly articulated 3.75-inch figures were produced between the years 2010-2012 and celebrate the original 1978-1984 Kenner packaging. This line is geared to collectors who grew up with the original Kenner Star Wars figures and is to inspire that same nostalgic feeling but added with a new cast of characters from the expanding Star Wars universe.

You can vote for the next character to be produced here.

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