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Hot Off the Pegs! -Today's Random Pick Up

Not sure if you guys heard of an outlet store called Tuesday Morning? It's like a mini Home Goods outlet depot. Anyway, this national outlet retailer has an extensive toy isle, and from what I see they look to get their merchandise from multiple sources. Rummaging through their selection, I found mostly discovery kids edutainment items like telescopes and robots. However, there are times this place has a few surprises. Last week I was caught off guard and found a couple of Funko Reaction Back to the Future figures, plus a 6-inch Star Wars Black Series figure, both with ridiculously reduced pricing.

I thought I'd stop by and see what lurked on the discounted shelves today. What now has become today's Hot Pick, immediately caught my eye. At first glance, it just looked like a cheap Chinese robot toy, but this wasn't just a random obscure robot. For those familiar with the 80's hit Voltron, this clearly was a mold from the original Voltron Series! Now ripped off and repackaged, which I thought that was pretty neat. I mean how often you find a Bootleg Voltron, in 2017, in a major U.S. retail store?

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