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Carmen San Diego is back.

NetFlix has been the reboot king. Voltron, Fuller House, The Magic School Bus and now Where in the World is Carmen San Diego! So far 20 episodes are planned for the new show. Not much detail has been leaked, but it's been confirmed that actress Gina Rodriguez will be the voice of the criminal mastermind Carmen San Diego.

Actress Gina Rodriguez

Starting back as a computer game in 1985 this iconic game assisted kids with geography. The franchise saw its peak in the 90's with a PBS game show as well as an animated series that ran from 1994 -1999 entitled Where on Earth is Carmen San Diego? It also is said, the barbershop band Acapella will be returning with their harmonious melody for the show.

I've always loved this game and still have my original Deluxe version on CD-ROM. Netflix has not disappointed on many of their revived series thus far. Let's hope they keep that good record by continuing this franchise in the spirit it was meant for; educating kids in a fun way.

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