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Nintendo Officially Discontinues Mini NES!?

It seems no sooner did this mini console get released, Nintendo has announced that it has officially discontinued the ever popular NES mini console. I never got sucked into the hyped madness over this overpriced emulator; I'll stick with my original NES thank you. But I am surprised as to why Nintendo has decided to announce its cancellation of what was surely profitable.

Since its release in November of 2016, supply had never met up with demand. These things have been selling for outrageous prices on eBay, and after this announcement, it looks like things will only get worse from here. I don't know, at the prices these things had been going for, there are so many better options. For one, get the original. Used original NES consoles are still reasonable. There are a large assortment of third party retro consoles. If you already own the games, the roms can be played on just about anything out there, including your phone. Aftermarket PC's and classic controllers make building your own mini NES very easy.

I for one am glad this chapter is behind us, but as we all know it's not the last of the hot item, short supply drama.

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