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Looking Back - CBS Special Presentation

In the 80's, watching network television was a community event. It was where we got our news, entertainment, and education. What you viewed was typically seen by just about everyone else, no matter their age or background. Coming to school the next day, and you had better be ready to explain the highlights of Family Ties or you were the odd one out for the rest of the day.

At times however, there was something bigger than your week day sitcom. Something extraordinary. Yes, a huge event that had the power to change the very course of life. What extraordinary event do you ask? No, not the presidential election or even the outcome of the Super Bowl. For me, this event, once in play, was a signal that anything I was doing didn't matter and a call to action was carried out..

By now you may have guessed, that the case in question is none other than CBS' Special Presentation Bumper. This three second attract, became an explicit notification that something big was about to happen on T.V. and you had better not miss it! Got a new toy, so what, reading the latest comic book... meh.

Upon hearing this musical interlude, nothing mattered since you knew you were going to enjoy something special. I distinctly remember preparing for a Rankin and Bass animated presentation only to be in my room and hear the sound of that bumper echo through the house. Like a fireman hearing the alarm to do his job, he would stop what he was doing, grab his equipment and hop on that truck. Yes, I would hear that bumper and stop whatever I was doing. My equipment was typically my blanket and pillow, only to run hysterically through the house into the living room where I would find my position in front of our 20" Sony Trinitron T.V. and prepare for that "Special" Presentation.

To this day hearing this chime stirs emotion in me. I somehow feel like I need to run through the house and throw myself on the couch yet again. Its amazing that such a rather insignificant audio cue, can leave such an impact on me to this very day.

Below is a video that was provided by YouTuber MaineTVClips, who has recreated this iconic network bumper in HD. So, if you don't know what I'm talking about, then there's nothing to see here. However, everyone else, enjoy the clip as well as the trip back to your youth.

A truly nostalgic memory that deserves mention, in the world of RetroFused! Any of you impacted by this 80's classic? Let us know!

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