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Hot Off the Pegs! -Today's Random Pick Up

OK guy's, today's pick up is Funko's new Retro Arcade vinyl Characters. I was a bit skeptical at first as to how these would look, as the photo on the box is tiny, but Funko rarely disappoints. The boxes are simply labeled by arcade type and carry the Mystery minis logo. I took my chance with Centipede and all I can say is wow. Impressive, at least the Centipede figure, looks absolutely stunning! Modeled straight from the original side art, this Centipede figurine is dead on. He is about 3 inches high and made with hard vinyl. No articulation but painted very nice.

I picked mine up at Toys"R"Us for $7.99 but decided to use my $5 rewards bringing it down to $3 and some change. Judging by the beautiful design of this figure, you bet I'll be picking up others. These have our Retro approval!

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