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Hot Off the Pegs! -Today's Random Pick Up

Man, finding some really cool stuff lately! Remember these gross out squeezy foam balls from the 80's? These vulgar yet appealing toys have been resurrected. The toy company, "Just Toys," has brought back familiar faces but with an all new look. I guess these were initially released about four months ago, but they've been hot and I just keep missing them. Ran into "Skull Face," and decided to pick him up since I remember having him back in the day.

Packaging isn't exactly like the vintage but still carries a very nostalgic look. The back still has the cut out so you can sample squeeze the foam ball. There is a total of six in this 1st addition. I'll keep a look out for the rest, but it looks these guys are hard to find. If your interested head to Target or Toys“R”Us. Happy Hunting!

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