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Hot Off the Pegs! - Today's Random Pick Up.

I was doing my usual rounds and couldn't pass up this POP Character at Toys"R"Us. #70 Classic Voltron. Nothing rare about this particular POP, he simply caught my eye and just thought he was too cool. Old School Voltron in the house. There is a metallic version of this figure exclusive to Anime Expo in Los Angeles July 1st - 4th. For everyone else, its been said that Hot Topic will picking up this variant.

I'll let everyone know, I am not a POP Collector, although lately Funko has been pumping out some pretty cool characters that have been very tempting and this being one of them. I've also been eyeing the Street Fighter II series as I noticed there are some Toys"R"Us exclusive variations. Any newly converted POP Collectors out there? Man, I can't start another collection!!

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