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Duck Tales Returns for 2017

It's 3 pm in 1988. I've just got off the school bus and make a race home. With my oversized backpack frantically bouncing as I make my to the door, I immediately go straight for the TV remote and flip it on. Ahh just in time for my afternoon cartoon lineup. We all had our favorites but if you were like me, Duck Tales being part of the Disney Afternoon, was my top choice!

If you're not already aware, it was confirmed back in early 2015, that a reboot was in the works. Well, Disney followed up on their word and have made plans to bring the first season to Disney XD. From what we can see, this reboot seems to keep faithful to the original. All key players look to be present. The art style isn't horrible, but a definite change. Also, don't expect to hear the same old cast as a new one is in place.

It seems everything is making a comeback. Some better, some worse. But ask many of the Gen Xer's and Y crowd on their thoughts on all these childhood stories being rehashed, and many will frustratingly tell you; let them R.I.P!! Voltron by Dreamworks Animation seem to do very well in this sensitive area and are moving forward with Season 3! That appears to be an exception to the rule. How Duck Tales plays out, we will have to wait and see.

So if you just have to see what this new version will look and sound like, Disney has recently released a trailer. Watch and let me know what you think!

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