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Looking for Retro Contributors!

Hey fellow retro fans! Nick here, Editor of RetroFused magazine. We here at RetroFused are looking for anyone who would like to help contribute to get this ball rolling.

We're looking for writers, artists, and photographers who have a passion for the 80's and 90's pop culture scene! Subjects include Toys, video games, comics, computers and cartoons.

The first issue is at 75% completion and issue 2 is being laid out as we speak. We have a small overhead but a big passion to see this grow. This is something we enjoy, so if your looking for a paid gig... this isn't the spot for you. If you are passinate like us, regarding 80's and 90's toys, tech and toons, we want to hear from you! We currently have 5 article subjects that need content and there's more to come. Art and layout is complete so if we like your style we will contact you on what those subjects are and plug in your great story telling talents. Everyone will get clear credit with photo and info box after your written article, so readers know where to find you! This is a great way to not only support a unique magazine but to also share your passion with the rest of us Retro Geeks!

If your interested and we hope you are...

Send emails to:


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