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Voltron: Legendary Defender

Team Shot

Wow guys! I finally took the time out of my schedule and binge watched the complete first season. I will be honest I was skeptical since I'm NOT a fan of rebooting 80's franchises. So lets get straight to the point... did this series live up to the hype? I can confidently say yes! I'll admit I'm a fanboy of the original and like most who grew up with these cherished memories, we can get somewhat sensitive to unnecessary tampering but I have to say that the team who tackled this iconic 80's franchise did not disappoint! Dreamworks animation got together some of the best. First off Joaquim Dos Santos who's credited for his contribution on projects such as Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. Both really well done in just about every aspect of visual story telling!

What about the story? Well Tim Hedrick has done a wonderful job giving this universe a broader understanding. It wasn't too technical or inundated with unnecessary jargon. Just a great feel-good, clear and progressive climb of character origins and thier development. It was done so well that, (dare I say it..) actually improves on the original! Don't worry, I will never give up my original DVD's in place of this but I gotta hand it to Dreamworks for a cleaver way of rebooting/modernizing this brand while keeping that nostalgic feel alive!

You always need to be careful when dealing with a pop culture icon like this. The new Thundercats, I feel, lost the essence of the original. Now it wasn't bad, it just told more story than I felt it was needed. On the other hand with Voltron, I get that old nostalgic feeling at times, not sure how to describe it... it just feels right.

Anyway if you haven't seen Voltron: Legendary Defender its on Netflix now, so go check it out. I hope other studios learn from this, 'cause this is how it should be done! Good job Dreamworks!

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