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As a collector and artist I always have been facinated with the pop culture scene of the 80s and 90's. I lived it and now I wcelebrate it. For years I have pationaly waitind for someone to step up and creat a retro peridiacl that didnt just cover retro video games or toys, but that fused all the nredy stuff those retro years gave us, theres just so much!

So with some courage and help form friends I decided its time to push my vision to the world. RetroFused was born and has given me a place to recount many great memories of facintating stuff some many have forgotten. The hope is to include your storeis as well. 


Why a magazine? Theres something about the magazine that screams retro. The tactile feel, flipping through pages simply goes  hand in hand with the very decade this magazine celabrates.  So, I htought it would be apprppiate to continue that 

So what else will you find? Try extensive reviews of rare forgotten vintage toys, games, animated shows and comics. Each premium issue will be jam packed with collector tips, tech tips, interviews, comparisons, checklists, previews of new retro inspired things to see, play and collect.

Iconic web-bloggers and writers will have a home here sharing their retro insights and keep us up to date in the Retro World!

For you casual pop culture fanatics, you will have fun rekindling great memories and enjoy insightful original articles, exclusive photos of things remembered and things forgotten. Also, browse our extensive YouTube Directory showcasing more great retro content from the community! We here at RetroFused are passionate collectors and we know what you want!

There's no doubt RetroFused Magazine will keep you wanting more!


There's something for everyone!  As a kid of the 80's I can say we had some great years, did we not? We want RetroFused Magazine to be your one stop shop for you retro needs!   RetroFused Magazine is sure to bring big smiles!


Die Hard Collectors or Casual Pop Culture Enthusiasts, we got you covered. We review some of the coolest toys from back in the day, present and beyond!  Action figures, card games, board games and diecast cars. We will leave no stone unturned until we find them all! Keep up to date with our latest retro inspired collectibles that we think will be future classics!


Ahhh...remember waking up to your favorite Saturday Morning Line Up? We do and we will pay homage to all those great animated shows and films. It doesn't stop there, we search out some of the great pop culture artists today and showcase original art, comics, cards, animation and anything that captures the essence of 80s and 90's pop culture phenomenon! Grab a bowl of cereal because there's no commercials here!


We look back on various electronic entertainment that kept us wide eyed and fascinated! What was once new in tech, is new again. Whether its arcade games, personal computers or a calculator watch, we look at the cool powered devices, their software and their broad expanse of peripherals, that laid the foundation of what we have today.


Hang tight gang, RetroFused is on the way! Issue 1 is finalizing completion and the expansion of our team is currently in the works! Our goal is to create an incredible, high quality experience that is Geek approved. We really want a magazine that is cohesive, fun and informative for all facets of the Pop Culture Community.

Although the magazine is not available as of yet, when it is released, it will be FREE. Yes, we are giving the first digital issue away for all you Retro Fans for a limited time! Our future hope is to have a print version in our hands but that's up to you the community! If we receive the necessary support, we will source the funds to get this incredible magazine printed!


With your help we can gather up further momentum to push this out to the next level! So please sign up to our interest list!

Signing up not only keeps you updated, it also lets us know you want this now!


Thank all of you!!

-RetroFused Team


Do you feel you can contribute? Got a great idea?  We're always looking for Retro Geeks that love to write, draw or want to show off their retro collection!

Advertisers please contact us for our media kit and pricing. 

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