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Greetings all you Retro Geeks, my name is Nick Johnson, and I welcome you to my vision of the very first Retro Magazine that focuses on Toys, Toons and Tech of the 80's and early 90's.

As a collector and artist, I always have been fascinated with the pop culture scene of the 80s and 90's. That's because I lived it, and now after several decades have passed, I celebrate it. For years I have patiently waited for someone to step up and create a retro periodical that didn't just cover retro video games or toys, but that "fused" all the nerdy stuff those retro years gave us! There's just so much! In my opinion, no such resource, in the magazine format has come into existence. So, RetroFused Magazine was born and has given me a place to recount many great memories of fascinating stuff that time has forgotten.


So why a magazine, aren't they dying off? It's true, technology has pushed aside the paper periodical but there's something about print that screams retro. The tactile feel, flipping through pages, sliding your fingers across the paper simply goes hand in hand with the very decades this magazine observes. So, I thought it would be appropriate to continue that medium, or at least somehow offer that as an option to those who still crave it. Digital, of course, is the popular medium and will be available as well. Print on demand is obviously not our first choice, due to the outrageously high cost. Depending on growth, crowdfunding source such as Patreon, may be our next step to dramatically lower that price for print. 


For now, however, this is a passion that is done in my free time. RetroFused success is partly up to your support. I want to thank you for your current interest and any we hope to receive in the future! We hope you continue with us on this journey together and remember to always keep it retro.  



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