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We are always looking for anyone who shares a particular fondness for Retro flavored writing! 80's and early 90's retro video games, toys, books, comics, cartoons, movies, electronics, we don't care. Bring it on! If its based off retro toys, toons, or tech and is geek approved, you have a place here inside RetroFused Magazine!  



Well, besides a deep passion for everything 80's and 90,s, we obviously require you to send us samples of your work. You don't have to be Stephen King, but we do look for fun, energetic writing style that is family friendly and very personable. 



Well, after reading everything below, come back and just click this email link. That way we can easily find you. Please copy your text to the body of the email and not submitted as an attachment. 


Your topics should be retro related, (i.e. 80's video games, vintage toys, classic cartoons) and should be approximately 500 -1000 words in length. Be sure to spell check and format paragraphs neatly. Plagiarism will be electronically cross-checked and will not be tolerated. As mentioned we are looking for family-friendly material, so we will not accept profanity and tastelessness. 


Some ideas can be to share a specific story from your life, with intimate detail. Take the reader back as they are reliving your experiences through your writing. Or review an item that you want to share while still being somewhat critical. When reviewing, be open to the possibility that there may be others who may not feel the way you do. Look at both sides and come to a clear decision based off clear points shared. 


Of course remember to include your full name, (no aliases) and email address as well as a web page link if applicable, as we cannot publish articles that cannot be credited to their authors. You may also send a 300dpi avatar image for crediting purposes as well. 


If you qualify, we will send you a release form to fill out and return with acknowledgment.



If your article feels like a good fit for the Magazine, you will receive a response within two weeks. If you don’t receive a response, please try again with a different topic.


Keep in mind you may be asked to revise to make your post stronger or clearer, and your proposed title may be changed before we decide to place as a feature article. Your post may be edited for clarity, grammar, and overall style. If there are any significant changes made, you will be asked to review and approve it first. 


We also may have topics that may need to be written about, are you up to the challenge? You can request topics if you so desire.


All submissions are subject to final approval. The editor’s decisions are final. No materials from this site may be copied, reproduced, modified, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted, or distributed in any form or by any means without prior written permission. Use of reviews or features on any other website, as a part of any public display, or for distribution without advance written permission is strictly prohibited and a violation of copyright.


Thank You for your interest, and we look forward to your submission!

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